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From not having enough to provide food for her family to becoming a multimillionaire with 11 streams of income within 3 years, Toyin Crandell’s story is nothing short of inspirational. After transforming her own life from homelessness to financial abundance, Toyin has guided over 50,000 professionals, business owners and executives through their own transformations. Whether it’s breaking personal barriers or building financial legacies, her neuroscience-based personal, financial and business coaching methods are designed to unlock the brain’s full potential.

As the founder and CEO of the Self Mastery Academy and Money Mindset SHIFT., Toyin offers a unique blend of leadership and team development training for medium to large enterprises. She’s not just about inspiring change; she’s about making it happen. Her team’s financial coaching and personal development programs are tailored for career professionals and small business owners, helping them scale systems and dramatically increase their revenue, profits and net worth.

Toyin isn’t just a coach and consultant; she’s a dynamic keynote speaker and a 2x bestselling author. Her powerful speeches resonate so deeply that she has become a sought-after speaker for corporations and conferences worldwide, delivering unforgettable experiences and results that last through her 3 signature speeches, listed below. Often being called for encore, additional experiences for the platforms she speaks on.

Toyin has been recognized as a 2023 SUCCESS® Magazine Top Woman of Influence and as the Globe and Mail 2023 74th fastest-growing company in Canada. Whether through her award-winning Millionaire Money Podcast or her captivating workshops, Toyin is a beacon of practical wisdom, teaching that money isn’t meant to be chased; it’s meant to work for you.

If you are ready to see tangible change in your teams, business or personal life? Toyin Crandell is your go-to expert, breaking barriers and helping you create legacy with every speech, session, and seminar.

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Toyin’s most most requested speaking themes include:

Emotional Intelligence: Unlock Your Brain, Transform Your Life!

Discover how to harness the power of your brain to catalyze change in every aspect of your life, from personal growth to professional achievement.

Neuroscience Techniques for Developing Grit and Mental Toughness

Learn cutting-edge neuroscience strategies to cultivate your inner resilience and develop the grit needed to overcome challenges and achieve lasting success in any environment.

Money Mindset SHIFT. The Power of Your Brain in Scaling Your Business, Career and Personal Finances.

How do identify and SHIFT your limiting beliefs about money and success so you can hit goals unapologetically.

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Money Mindset SHIFT. Church Edition: The Top 9 Myths That Keep Christians Stuck Financially and How To Get Unstuck, Live Debt Free and Build Wealth!

We help growth-focused organizations build resilience, confidence, courage and creativity in their teams through the use of neuroscience and practical leadership development strategies.

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